Let's build a smarter a.i. enabled baby monitor.


We started with "who are we"?

Before Cubo became Cubo our team helped to research the industry, major competitor products, and discussed Cubo's values and mission. Building a brand from the ground up is a long process and we're determined to help make Cubo the category king of baby monitor products.

1st and foremost the brand name must be meaningful, easy to pronounce, friendly, and memorable — because parents we interviewed said so and not us. Collaborating closely with the Cubo marketing team we truly focused on 'customers first' and listening to their voices.


  • 13 brands researched

  • 16 apps (400+ screens) reviewed

  • 20+ videos recorded

  • 40+ names considered

  • 50+ logo designs

  • 10 rounds of iteration & user survey

  • A lot of broken cameras & monitors


Naming the brand and designing a visual representation of it is the easy part. The hard part lies in how the team perceives the brand, and how do we relay this perception to the customers after.


Style guides, mood boards, iconography, and copy (wording) are all ways to convey the intentions of a brand. We make sure it's a living and evolving guide that can shift and mature with the team as the Cubo Camera is brought to life.


The window to the monitor (mobile app).

Designing beyond just 'monitoring'

During development the team came up with the idea of not just monitoring for safety, but also helping to create lasting moments for the parents as well. By enhancing the A.I. built into Cubo cam, it will also learn to capture loving moments and events that the parents may have missed such as the baby babbling, playing, and smiling. 

With a product as powerful as Cubo we were able to strike a balance with the design in being extremely friendly to novice users, being educational and introducing what Cubo has to offer, while still keeping it flexible enough for power users' need. This was achievable partially because we were so integrated with the team, we were also able to tweak and suggest new features where necessary. We touched every aspect of the product down to the support tools.


  • 1st time setup design

  • On-boarding tutorials & tips

  • Defining ux patterns

  • Feature, animations, & design specs

  • Prototype

  • Content, copy writing, translation

  • Usability testing and research

  • Feedback from 150+ home tests & 8000+ surveys


The Cubo team helped ran home tests with a dozen+ parents to validate our assumptions, designs, and revisions.


We built purposeful animations that makes the experience even more vibrant and engaging.


Delivering it to potential customers

The online presence

After 7 months of intense product development and testing it was time to prepare for launch on ZecZec, one of the biggest crowdfunding platforms in Taiwan.

Cubo worked with a crowdfunding specialist agency to help create the landing page based on the company website we were designing. Collaboration between multiple parties across different time zones was a challenge but together we delivered an extremely successful campaign (over 1000% of the original goal).


What made this unique

Gonna talk about the abcdefg of this


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