Buying homes together can be easy.

Let's build a platform that does just that

When CoBuy approached us it was the complete opposite of Cubo who just had a complete blank canvas. CoBuy had already spent months researching, strategizing, and understanding the market and its customers. The only thing left for CoBuy was to transfer that knowledge to us so we could help design the product and they can build it to start fulfilling the needs of their would-be customers.

We know the design needs to look pleasing, but it also needs to be easy to use and build for so striking a good balance between speed & quality is key.


We had 6 weeks to work on the designs + testing. The first 2 weeks were spent on just learning from CoBuy due to the sheer amount of info and knowledge required.


CoBuy had a game plan for their customers, and our game plan for CoBuy was to make sure the platform only captures serious candidates. In the early stages of a startup resources are tight so it's important to spend time wisely. As a result, our design goal was not to sign up as many user as possible, but to make sure the majority of those that come through were serious customers. 

The design approach we took was to implement a few simple 'gating' questions for the users before they actually sign up to:

  1. Be educational

  2. Weed off random visitors & non-serious candidates


Based on research, any additional friction introduced to the sign up process can reduce sign up by 20%+


Onboarding home buyers


- here we will talk about the landing page design and how we worked with cobuy to narrow down the 'target audience'

- we also designed specifically to 'weed out' the noises (users that dont fit our target audience)

- Continued from above: the 'weeding' refers to te sample screenshot i added below — there'a . drop down on the site that bavsed on your choice, we ask a few questions before we actualyl let you sign up and go through the wizard. We know its easy to miss, and the # of Qs we ask may turn people away, but that's intentional to weed out the non-serious people

- so there's 2 layers of onboarding — 1 is getting a set of users 'through the door' to try our mvp app, and the 2nd one is once they are trying it how do we make it as easy as possible and organize the amount of info we need from them in a simple way

- probably show 2 to 3 screenshots of the parts of the website and MVP app (the forms + wireframes)

- because honestly visually there isnt much to show for cobuy i think, but more effort was put into understand how tf the system worked and how can we tweak their IA / content / ux to accommodate that

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 2.36.14 PM.png

Design statement here.

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Delivering the essentials

Here we talk / show case about the final design which includes

- final report results for agents / mortgage lender

- calculator to calculate their affordability

- we will also we we're commited in working with cobuy to reach their MVP goal and continue to refine stuff along the way with them based on feedback/ metrics

- the last image maybe just show their logo w/an agent looking dude, and the cobuy certified pro badge?? so more 'life style' like than UI/UX


What made this unique

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